My Westerdahl: LCHF helped me lose 94 kg – 55 percent of my weight

The experts saw LCHF method. My Westerdahl is critical. It is a method that works – and it is far better than a method that does not work, she writes himself lost 94 kg with LCHF.

DEBATE. The past week LCHF method sawed hard in various media. Experts, scientists and nutritionists have been given large space. In Nyhetsmorgon (8/4)called those who eat according LCHF diet fanatic. Where the researcher Lisa Söderström Council not to listen to the hundreds who have been helped by LCHF method, it is hearsay and can not be relied on individual cases. Dietary advice should be obtained by the NFA, not of blogs, according Söderström.

I wonder, all these scientists, experts and nutritionists, they have done a weight trip themselves?

Do they actually have gone through the challenges and difficulties that a weight trip means?

I have.

I have completely alone lost 55 percent of my original weight, ie, 94 kg. I can practice behind a weight trip, I have personally experienced all the challenges that a weight trip entails.

Until I was 20, I ate under the NFA’s recommendations. Large proportion of carbohydrates, less fat percentage.

I started my first diet rescheduling 9-year-old little girl, then my mother, according to NFA trained nutritionists, wanted me to write diary and love to measure and weigh the food. Attempts to weight reduction followed one another and always ended in failure. Often, I weighed more after than before, which the binge eating became a reality because of the constant hunger, a low calorie diet means.

It’s very interesting to see all the experts appear in the media, how they point to his calculator. All simplify the facts: it’s all about calories in, calories out. It could anyone figure out. According to Professor Stephan Rössner you can even lose weight on raspberry boats, a weight reduction is the only energy deficit. It looks very nice on paper when our experts speak out, but it is clearly not working in practice. Today, every Swedish overweight.

How big advantage we have of dietary advice that actually does not help one iota in practice? That only looks good on paper? For obviously work they actually do not, people find it very difficult to follow them. The defense from the experts is that it’s you and me it’s wrong, it’s you and I who lack discipline and character.

In Dagens Nyheter published an article ( 9/4, The best diet is the one you do not have to think about ) where obesity researcher Erik Hemmingsson out that we should not eat it, we can not eat just enough of. I agree with him. There we have a dietary advice that actually works in practice, that was how I managed to lose 55 percent of my body weight.

Eating in contrast to the NFA recommends saved me from a gastric bypass or a premature death. According to the doctors, they were the two options I had to choose from when I was 20 years old and weighed 170 kg. The experts were wrong, however, I had a third option. Eating less carbohydrates and more fat.Carbohydrates trigger me, and many others, eating large amounts. The natural fat saturates, and makes weight loss painless.

The same article points out that Jacob Gudiol LCHF method works because it is so restrictive that people do not eat junk food because it is not allowed. It therefore reduces caloric intake. Perhaps he has a point, but he’s wrong about one thing. It is not what you can and can not, the biggest contributing factor is that we no longer want to eat junk food. The demand, which is always there to add trip us up, disappearing after just one week on LCHF.

A stable blood sugar and lack of triggering carbohydrates means that the physical cravings are non-existent. Add to that factor that the LCHF do not have to count, weigh and measure food. Th


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